Procedural Blinds Generator


Procedural Blinds Generator Blueprints for UE4



Procedural Blinds Generator Blueprints for UE4

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The package of three blueprints for horisontal, vertical and roler blinds procedural generaton.


The following properties are changeable by user:
– overall width
– overall height (drop)
– open-close
– slat rotation (for horisontal and vertical blinds)
– slat width (for horisontal and vertical blinds)
– vertical and horisontal shift (for horisontal and vertical blinds)
– base colour, roughness, specularity etc. for all blinds
– subsurface amount and opasity for roller and vertical blinds

The package contains:
– 3 blueprints
– example map
– 7 master materials and 7 instance materials
– 17 meshes (1160 triangles, 1478 vertices in total)
– 2 textures

To install the blueprint, put the content of zip file in the Content folder inside the project.

Intended Platform Desktop
Supported Engine Versions 4.6.1 – 4.15